Direct Cremation Funerals

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Direct Cremation Funerals


Our Direct Cremation Service includes:

  • Collection of your loved one.
  • A visit to your home by the funeral director to obtain signatures, you can attend our offices at your convenience or by post. (A legal requirement.)
  • Transport to take your loved one to the crematorium.
  • All disbursements included.
  • Funeral director services including care up until the day of the service.
  • This service is unattended – no family or friends are in attendance
  • Traditional oak veneered coffin fitted with gold coloured handled and name plaque.
  • Ashes can be collected from the Crematorium 24 hours after service or alternatively can be strewn in the garden of remembrance following cremation. (attended or unattended.)

    Out of hours (5pm-7am +weekends) callout subject to an extra charge of £150.


What is a Direct Cremation?

This is when family do not attend service for whatever reason or circumstance. Direct Cremations are becoming more popular as a more no-fuss funeral with the ashes returning to the family to do with as they wish.

Many people prefer this to a Traditional Funeral, as they can remember in their own way and in their own time, especially if they live far away.

The service would be conducted as if family present. Music to walk into deceased would be placed in chapel by the Funeral Director.

Curtains would be closed while music chosen by family is played, the Funeral Director would then bow and leave chapel.

Everything would be carried out with the dignity and respect that a family would expect.