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After leaving the Royal Marines Dominic was out of work and struggling to pay the bills. This was affecting how he was feeling because as the main breadwinner, he felt that he wasn’t providing for his family.

Dominic moved into the funeral industry and saw at first-hand how families were struggling at this difficult time while dealing with the loss of a loved one and having to worry about the financial aspects too. Funeral poverty in the UK shows that 1 in 6 families either take out a loan or put money on a credit and to pay for a funeral. Dominic could see the pressure that they were under.

This led him to want to offer a funeral service that was transparent and fair from the first phone call and doesn’t cut corners. He also wanted to give something back to the British Legion and his fellow service men and women and families. Having spoken to the British Legion they now know that there is a funeral service that will work with families to give them the service they require.

He set up Fallon Family Funerals to plug a gap in the market, offering a respectful and dignified service for families for a fair price and Dominic intends to give an extra 10% to all serving and ex-military personnel and family.

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